1 Meter Stand w/double Handrails Both Sides

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  • Can be installed at an existing pool without the need for costly excavation.
  • The stand consists of a ladder assembly, fulcrum assembly and main support assembly.
  • The major components are heavy duty aluminum castings coated with epoxy power coating.
  • The ladder assembly features wide comfortable steps with replaceable slip resistant treads.
  • Hard-anodized forged aluminum hinges mounted to a heavy cast anchor plate provide the attachment points for diving boards.
  • These stands come with double stainless steel handrails on both sides.
  • The 1 meter stands are manufactured in five (5) different heights to accommodate various deck to water levels.
  • The deck to water dimensions of the pool, deck slope and diving board model must be provided when ordering. This information is used to determine the correct stand height for your facility. Drawings in .pdf or CAD format can be provided.

Please note, diving boards are sold separately from stands.

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