General FAQ’s

We have never purchased from your company before, how do we set up an account?

Cities, towns, municipalities can order from us by submitting a formal purchase order. All others can request a credit application.

Do you sell to residential customers?

No, our focus is supply and service to Municipal Pools & YW/YMCA’s across Canada

Do you sell to the United States or International?

No, currently we only supply municipal pools and YW/YMCA’s across Canada

Are all your catalogue prices in Canadian Funds?

Yes, our prices are all in Canadian funds, and our online catalogue pricing is the most current.

Do you add freight costs to your shipments?

Yes, we add applicable freight, courier, or postage costs to shipments. We work with fantastic freight & logistics brokers to get the best possible rates for our shipments to you.

Do you do service calls?

Service call requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Our Service call rate is $175.00 per hour, per person, some jobs require 2 or more people and include travel time.

Do you offer pool water testing services?

No, but we sell various brands of water testing reagents and kits to help you test your pool water.

Do you offer consulting and pump room walk through assessment?

These inquiries are handled on a case-by-case basis. Our on-site rate is $175 per hour including travel time.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, we do on non-custom, non-special order items that have been purchased within 1 year. All returns are subject to a restocking fee of 20%. All returns must be pre-arranged with a staff member prior to return. The product must be in the original packing and resalable condition with all parts. All returns must be items originally purchased from DB Perks & Associates Ltd, and a copy of your invoice/packing slip must accompany your return.

Product Related FAQ’s

How often do I need to clean my chemical controller probes?

Probably not as often as you may believe. Unless you have hard water or experiencing odd readings the probes can be left alone for up to 6 months.

How should I store my BECSys probes when not in use (during shut down for example)?

It is very important not to let your probe tips dry out. The sensor will not perform well if they dry. The most ideal way to store your BECSys probes is to use storage caps called wetting caps with BECSys probe reference storage solution; 4/KCI. Using the same reference solution that is inside the probe sensor limits the reaction that happens while in storage. Keeps your probe from working while in storage and prolongs its life. If the wetting caps are not used, then the next best option would be leaving the sensor in a glass of the 4/KCI solution rather than the pool or tap water. But leaving your sensor in a glass of water is much safer than letting it dry out.

Do you sell Nemato filter or strainer parts? (Reminder we sell & ship to Canada only)

Nemato the manufacturer has been out of business for several years now. We do have some options that fit or work with your existing equipment.

  • If you need a replacement strainer and/or strainer basket, we supply both of those as a custom build. Request a measure guide to get started.
  • If you need parts for your strainer body, such as the lid, we need you to supply a template, an exact trace of your requirements.
  • We can supply most sized J-bolts, knobs for your strainer lid
  • We can supply the most common size of Nemato gasket material (sold per foot) and glue as a kit, for your strainer lid and filter manhole. Supplied as a kit. Field fit on-site to suit.
  • We can supply gauges & most laterals