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Setting up a web account with Commercial Aquatic Supplies for Online Ordering

Please Note: We deal with Canadian customers only.

Below is a description of how our web customer account system is designed, how the setup works, and how our ordering and invoice will transpire for online ordering.

Scroll to the bottom to download the Account Setup request form.


Our web ordering system is set up for business-to-business sales.  All Canadian cities, municipalities, and governments may place orders without a credit check. Any other business customer must establish credit with us first, before being able to use online ordering.



Setting Up a Customer Account


There can be only one account per facility

As a business, we find ourselves in a unique position that our customers are not individuals but rather a swimming facility. As a result, our web customer setup must reflect this same concept. When your facility requests a web account be set up, we will do that under the facility name and we will use your unique customer account number we already have on file for you, to create the web account. This means there can only be one web account per facility.


Signing up

There is no option on the site to automatically create an account and there is no guest account buying. To properly control billing, we need to make sure the requested account matches our accounting system. To request a web account, go to the My Account menu option on the home page (top right) and click on contact us. This will open an email to us, and you can simply let us know the following specifics and we will set up your new account asap.


  • Facility Name:
  • Facilities Authorized Buyers Name: (*see description below)
  • Authorized Buyers Email:
  • Authorized Buyers Phone Number:


  • *The Facilities Authorized buyer is an individual in the facility that that is recognized by your accounts payable to make purchases.
  • Please note: The Authorized Buyer info is only necessary for the account setup. Once the account is set up, you can distribute the login info as you deem necessary. You are also in complete control of your account after that point.
  • If your facility has multiple individuals that would be Authorized Buyers, we recommend that you share this account info with them as the facility will not be able to have two or more accounts.

After we have set up your account, you will receive an email from us with your Username and starting Password. You can log in and change your password right away. We do not keep a record of your passwords.

At this point, you are set up to order online. You will be able to control your account, add and delete shipping addresses, and see all your orders that have been placed online.


Lost Passwords

Inevitably, this will happen. There is a Lost your Password option at the login page, and you can also reach out to us to reset and email you a new password if that is better for you.



Online Ordering



You do not need to be a web customer or logged on to view our site. We hope it will be your go-to tool for product info as much as our printed catalogue is. You must be logged into your account to Proceed to Checkout.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an automated confirmation that our system has generated an order. All our sales staff see the orders come in so, just like answering the phone, your order will be picked up by the first available salesperson. They will email you, and the continuing correspondence can be conducted directly between the salesperson and the order placer.

On the checkout page, you will find fields for Order Contact information. The individual placing the order should fill these fields out. This is who we will communicate with for anything regarding that order.


Web orders are handled the same way that we handle incoming phone/email/fax orders. Our shipping processes will be the same. You will be able to see order status and tracking numbers (if available) through your account. There is also the ability to have order-related conversations directly through My Account – Orders.



There will be backorders generated from your original online order if necessary. When this happens, the system will create a new order for the backordered goods. You will receive an email when a backorder is created.



When you place an order, shipping cost and taxes will not show. Your final invoice will show the shipping and tax amounts. You will receive a shipment notification email including a tracking number.



The invoice for an online order will be mailed to the billing address we have on file.

The order confirmation is not an invoice. Only the final invoice will have shipping costs and taxes.



All web orders will be handled as ‘on account’. Currently, we are not set up for online payment.

If you wish to pay by credit card, you can indicate that in the Order Notes box on the checkout page. DO NOT PUT YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER IN. If we have your card on file, we will process payment with that card or we will reach out to you for the card number. Otherwise, an invoice will be mailed as we normally do.



All returns will be handled as we have always handled them. Please contact us for Return Authorization and please try to include any relevant documentation identifying original order numbers for accurate and expedient processing.

Product availability & custom items

Many of our products are ordered based on your requests or are a custom build. These items may need background information prior to ordering and therefore may not be addable to the cart for purchase. It is our hope that we have added a new level of convenience for purchasing from us, but we aren’t able to fit customized items into that mold.

You can order from us as you have always done, through a phone call, an email, or even fax, this online ordering is to add another option to place orders.

We welcome constructive feedback on our entire site, if something is not user-friendly, or not intuitive, please let us know and we’ll review and make adjustments to better this service for you.


Sign up request form here

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