Maytronics Dolphin Repair

We are the Western Canada repair depot for Maytronics Dolphins, underwater pool vacuums.

We do not repair residential models, only models used in public swimming pools.

If you did not purchase your unit from us, be sure to contact us via email or phone call at 1-800-663-5905 before sending in your unit to be sure we can repair that particular model.

Please send it to our warehouse. Commercial Aquatic Supplies 108-2411 Dollarton Hwy. North Vancouver, BC V7H 0A3.


Do not send collect shipments!
Be sure to clean your unit including the filters before sending it to us!


When sending us a pool vacuum for repair, please clearly mark your unit with the facility name. Be sure to include your contact information including email & phone number so we can discuss repairs with you. Where possible please include a note describing the problem you are experiencing with your vacuum.

For warranty repairs, we will cross-check the serial number with the master Maytronics database to determine the warranty status of your unit. We will advise you of the cost of repairs before commencing. Your timely communication helps keep the repair process efficient.

We strive to process repairs within 48 hours including diagnostic tank testing.


Please complete and include this form with your unit when you send it to us.