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MER-MADE filter

MER-MADE filter

Model 132 52,  filter rate 14 GPM per sqft, filter flow 140 GPM, backwash flow 150GPm. These filters were installed and used for approx. 2 years they then sat for 2 years before being removed from service due to the closure of the hot tub. All operating valves between the two filters are also included just not pictured.

For more information and pricing, call or text;

Keith McKinley
Facilities Manager
Pomeroy Sports Centre,
Fort St. John


Hayward Tristar Variable Speed Pump

Hayward Tristar Variable Speed Pump

Model SP32950 VSP 2HP 230V
List $4257.70

Sale Price $2150.00
+ shipping and taxes

Hayward Tristar Pump

Pentair Heat Pump

Pentair Heat Pump

Ultratemp Gas heater
Easy-to-use interface, and seamless integration with automation.
List price $5,600.00

Sale Price $3,500.00
+ shipping and taxes

Pentair Heat Pump

10” Type 57 Chemline Butterfly Valve with Actuator

10” valve comes with fail close configuration reversible electric actuator 120/240VAC built-in fault relay, 2 x feedback limit switches, manual override. Feedback module, battery failsafe module.
$9000.00 list price

+ shipping and taxes

VSeries Actuator

Strainers with Baskets

5 x Strainers with Baskets

If you can do some replumbing, you can take advantage of these amazing prices on Heavy Duty Strainers


Three strainers 4” Inlet x 3” Outlet. Inlet and outlet both at 12.5” height.
List $2475.95

SALE $1800.00 each
Plus shipping and taxes


Two strainers 6” inlet x 6” outlet. Inlet 16.5” x Outlet 12.75”
List $3043.60

SALE $2200.00 each
Plus shipping and taxes


Versajet pump

1/2HP 115/230 single phase
$400.00 OBO

versajet pump

Jacuzzi VM – Motor Only

10HP, 208/230/460V 3 Phase
$1000.00 OBO

Jacuzzi VM - Motor Only

1 set of Spectrum ladder rails

4 tread, 30” setback
Regular price $1846.00
Sale price $849.00

(shipped knocked down, assembly required on-site)
Anchors extra

Spectrum Ladder Rails