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Our custom strainers are made from fiberglass & PVC. They are suitable for both new installations and replacement of old ones. These can save time and money for replacement applications since they are built to suit existing plumbing. They are supplied with Vanstone flanges for inlet and outlet connections and a removable basket for cleaning.

All strainers come with an accompanying basket, drain, air bleed valve, stainless steel and PVC hand knobs, and a see-through clear acrylic lid. Fabricating a strainer to fit existing piping requires three measurements plus pipe size.

Wide bodied custom strainers have a low-pressure drop and are typically lower in height than other strainers making them suitable for restricted height spaces. The wide-bodied strainers come with a full round basket.

Custom made to order, allow 3-4 weeks delivery.


Custom made to order
(Wide Bodied Strainer with 12” Vanstone flange available on request.  Call for pricing)


When you place an order we’ll send a measure guide to be filled in, and returned to us.


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