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The Ultimate is a well-built sauna heater that provides an option for larger commercial saunas requiring more heat.

Fabricated 100% from 304-grade stainless steel, the Ultimate is built to last at an aquatic center. The elements are industrial quality; low-density silver soldered. The Ultimate is floor mounted and measures 21” W X 21” D X 34” H. 30# of sauna rocks are included.

These are high-output heaters and a successful installation requires two extra considerations. Both fresh air supply to the heater and internal re-circulation of air within the sauna is required for best results with an Ultimate heater. We can help with information on both requirements.

The standard voltage is 208, 3 phase but is available at higher voltages to 600 volts (at extra charge).

Heaters come complete with a digital wall mount control consisting of a thermostat with a 12-foot capillary, 60-minute timer, pilot light, contactor, and enclosure.

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