Standard 25″ Frame Ladders by Spectrum


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Spectrum uses premium grade 304L stainless steel. The “L” means low carbon. Upgrade to 316L is available.

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These are commercial pool grade ladders that will stand up to heavy-duty use. Ladder frames are fabricated of 1.90″ O.D. x .065″ wall, 304L stainless steel tube with mirror finish. Upper ends of ladder frames are fixed to the pool deck with 2 anchor sockets on 20″ centers. In stock set backs from wall of pool are 25”, 27″, 30”, 36” and custom set backs are available if necessary to match your existing anchor locations.

Our ladders include unbreakable HDPE treads with a permanent non-skid surface built in.

For specific applications where heavily used ladders require extra durability upgrade to a heavy-wall ladder. A tubing wall of .109 or .145 will stand up to the most demanding applications.

Note: Anchor sockets for deck and escutcheon trim pieces are not included in ladder pricing please order separately. See below.

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