Stainless Steel Cleaning & Sealing


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All stainless steel will rust if exposed to adverse conditions such as chlorides and other corrosive materials. With proper cleaning & sealing procedures, rust can be minimized if not eliminated over time.

  • Use Spectra System 1 (liquid) or Spectra System 2 (gel formulation) to clean any stainless steel in your facility; such as railings and grab bars, lockers, starting blocks, water fountains.
  • System 1 and System 2 are the same concentration of a cleaner, System 2 is a gel formulation.
  • Use Spectra Shield to seal the surface to help prevent the chlorides and other materials from reacting with the surface of the steel.
  • This system is very effective when used correctly. Contact our office to receive the complete instructions and for clarification to suit your specific situation.

Apply and gently agitate the surface of stainless steel using Plastic Scrubbies.


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