Signet Flowmeter/Transmitter

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Signet Flowmeters are a system consisting of the model 9900 Display/Transmitter, a sensor, and a sensor saddle. Pick one of each for your system.

Model 9900 Transmitter is a Panel Mounted Remote Digital Display that includes a 4-20ma output typically used as an input to a BMC system or to control a VFD to maintain a constant flow. It requires a 24vdc power source which is not included but can be provided as an option if required. It works with any of the sensors listed below.

Model 515 Flow Sensor is a paddle style flow sensor that inserted into the pipe and is spun by the water. It is made of Polypropylene, black PVDF and the rotor shaft is titanium.

Model 2551 Magmeter is an insertion style flow sensor with no moving parts and works by sensing the induced voltage across the sensor tip generated by the water flow. Works well in dirty water applications where the dirt would prevent a paddlewheel from spinning. Think hairballs on the paddle in pool applications.

Flow Sensor Saddles are schedule 80 and for 2”-8” are clamp-on with an o-ring seal and for 10” & 12” are glue on.


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