Saline Water Treatment Systems by ChlorKing

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These systems are beneficial for facilities & pool operators who are looking at energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for commercial pool disinfectant systems.

Pool water + salt + electrolytic cell = sodium hypochlorite


Chlor SM Saline Generator

CHLOR2MSM 2.2 lbs a day
CHLOR5MSM 6 lbs a day
CHLOR25SM 28 lbs a day

Features & key points

  • NSF-50 approved for pool & spa applications
  • Capable of handling high use & large bodies of water
  • A mild saline solution of 3500-5000ppm of saline solution is used to produce your active sanitizer
  • Single Cell Technology in large format cells are ideal for installation and maintenance
  • Substantially lower or eliminate the cost of transporting and storage of DG shipments of chlorine
  • Water-cooled power supply, which is more efficient than air cooling. Electronics are protected from the corrosive pump/mechanical room air.
  • Clear reaction chamber for easy viewing & inspection of cell condition
  • Efficient Switch Mode Technology Power Supply is equipped with a Digital display
  • 15,000-hour cell life
  • Self-Cleaning reverse polarity design. For areas with harder water, an automatic acid wash module can be used for the efficient cleaning of cells process.
  • Optional additional saturated salt feeder, allow for brine solution to be added from back of house, making maintenance easier with no downtime to your patrons. This automatically maintains salinity at a preset level.


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