Regenerative Media Filters by Neptune Benson

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These are an efficient alternative to sand or D.E. Filtration. Not only do they offer superior filtration capabilities, but Regenerative Media Filters use up to 90% less water, save up to 75% in space, and up to 50% in energy savings.  They have the ability to remove particles as small as one micron which provides the clearest and safest swimming pool water. To compare – traditional sand typically removes particles down to 20 microns.

Regenerative media filters use perlite, which is non-hazardous, and the automated systems offer worry-free operation.


There are two options in the Neptune Benson Regenerative Filter Family: Defender° and the FP-Series.

The Defender is sized for larger bodies of water. The FP-Series are ideal for replacing smaller 34”- 42” sand filters coming to the end of their life which is common in a aquatic centre filter rooms across Canada.


For both models the benefits are outstanding.

  • Superior water quality
  • 90% water savings,
  • 75% space savings
  • 50% energy savings
  • 30% chemical savings
  • Addresses backwash flow rate restrictions
  • Ease of Perlite filter media replacement – significant labor savings

Clearest, cleanest, and safest water possible!

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