Regenerative FP-Series Filter by Neptune Benson

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The newest compact regenerative media filter designed to deliver maximum performance for smaller to medium-sized commercial aquatic venues.

Flow rate (GPM) 107-300. This filter is a brilliant replacement for existing aging horizontal sand filters up to  42”. 7.5sq ft filter area to 25sq ft filter area (assuming 12gpm/sq ft)

The FP-Series is revolutionary in how it operates, featuring the PowerBump™ System. This filter bumps hydraulically using only the flow of the water. Doing so delivers a more powerful regeneration. Additionally, with this PowerBump™ design, there are fewer moving parts, which improves reliability and simplifying maintenance.

This smaller footprint FP-Series regenerative filters are rated to 1micron filtration which is many times better than sand can accomplish. When replacing your aging sand filters, this is an ideal time to improve & upgrade your water quality.


  • Fits through standard 36” doorways
  • Non-metallic fiberglass vessel eliminates corrosion concerns
  • Up to 90% water and waste savings: significantly eliminates the amount of backwash water typically associated with sand filters. Instead of backwashing, the Defender is programmed to automatically ‘bump” to regenerate the fine grade perlite media for a fresh start.
  • 75% Space & construction savings:
  • The Defender takes 1/4 to 1/6 of the space required for an equivalently sized sand system. This saves both space and construction costs.
  • No backwash holding tank
  • Smaller water line to the sewer
  • Media can be flushed down regular sewer lines
  • Operating weight may be as little as 10% of similar sized sand filter
  • Energy & Chemical Savings:
  • Defender filters operate at lower head pressures, and the elimination of backwash waste associated with sand filtration provides significant waste water & makeup water treatment savings.


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