Palintest Lumiso Kit & Replacement Reagents


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This Lumiso LMP106 photometer kit provides simple and effective pool water testing. It is quick, accurate and reliable for regular testing of public swimming pool water. The testing tablets have a long expiry date range.  USB and QR code connectivity to enable data management.

Contents of the Lumiso Pool Test 6 kit
Free Chlorine (or bromine) DPD XF AP013 100 tablets
Total Chlorine DPDXT AP033 100 tablets
Cyanuric Acid CyA AP087 50 tablets
Alkalinity Alkaphot AP188 50 tablets
Calcium Calcicol #1 & Calcicol #2AP252  50 tablets of each

Ranges for Lumiso Photometer Pool test 6
Free Chlorine 0.01 to 10.0
Total Chlorine 0.01 to 10.0
Bromine 0.04 to 20.0
Alkalinity 10 to 500
Calcium Hardness 5 to 00
Cyanuric Acid 2 to 200
Phenol Red pH 6.8 to 8.4


If you think the unit comes out of calibration and is giving you odd readings;

  1. Gently clean the optic chamber with a microfibre cloth that has been lightly sprayed with static-free and streak-free electronics cleaner
  2. Ensure your unit has the most current firmware (There is a tab with a few options down titled ‘How do I update my Lumiso software?’
  3. You can purchase a check standards kit to cross-check your unit with known standards or you can return directly to Palintest in Colorado for recalibration. There is a cost for this service.


Please note: When ordering replacement chlorine testing tablets (DPD # 1 free chlorine) if you have an older Palintest photometer, please let us know which chlorine range you require 0-5 or Extended range (XF) 0-10.  Often your photometer unit will tell you on screen or take note of the remaining tablets you have on hand.

Warranty does not cover units that have come out of calibration


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