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Moveable Bulkhead
A moveable bulkhead is most commonly found in 50-meter pools and allows for space to be divided into smaller, more manageable areas where different activities can operate simultaneously. Myrtha’s vertically slatted Flow Through bulkhead also dissipates energy from oncoming swimmers to reduce water turbulence.

Split Bulkheads are Available! Contact us for more information.

Removeable FlowThrough Headwall
Headwalls ensure regulatory compliance when pools don’t have a 30-centimeter platform at the start and turn ends of the pool. Our headwalls allow for turbulent water to easily disperse into the existing gutter system while providing a place to anchor touch pads, lane ropes, and starting blocks.

Myrtha Track Start PRO
The new block is even more durable than before, enhancing the lifespan of the product. The high-resistance fiberglass structure and the new possibility to dismantle the blocks make for even more effective cleaning and upkeep.

Myrtha RenovAction
RenovAction is Myrtha Pools’ patented and exclusive technology, specifically developed for the refurbishment and renovation of aging, failing pools. The RenovAction process is based on Myrtha technology’s pre-engineered modular system, which incorporates precision-engineered, PVC-laminated, stainless-steel panels and a buttress system. Our RenovAction solution can solve all the problems that concrete, gunite, or shotcrete pools face as they age, crack, and fail.


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