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All LMI pumps listed come with an injector, foot valve, ceramic weight, 10’ of 3/8″ tubing, 5’ of discharge (clear) tubing, and 4 3/8″ tubing connectors. We endeavour to keep stock of the most common feed pumps for municipal pool applications, as listed below for quick delivery.


PD Series pumps

These pumps are designed specifically for industrial water treatment applications. Straightforward controls and split scale dial ensure precision even at a lower flow rate.

PD041-828NI 16GPD @ 250psi
PD051-838NI 26.4PGD @ 150psi
PD061-848NI 48GPD @ 70psi

Features include:

  • Improved drive mechanism for powerful stroke & consistent accuracy
  • Simplified capacity setting with constant stroke range to maintain calibration across an adjustable range
  • Robust FASTPRIME™ liquid ends


B Series Pumps

These pumps are ideal for applications where more flexibility & control of stroke length and frequency is required. The rugged construction and time-tested design make the B Series pumps a consistent performer.

B121-368SI 60GPD @ 100psi c/w 4FV ~ Ideal for liquid CL2
B131-368SI 108GPD @ 50spi c/w 4FV  ~Ideal for liquid CL2
B121-368NI 60GPD @ 100psi c/w Fastprime™ liquid head ~ ideal for acid
B131-368NI 108GPD @ 50psi c/w Fastprime™ liquid head ~ ideal for acid

Features include:

  • Adjustable stroke frequency and speed
  • Manually adjustable stroke length provides an accurate dose
  • NEMA 4X housing from protection in corrosive environments


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