LIT 25 Water Level Controller c/w Sensor


Item No.: 12 09 01


The LIT 25 (Level Indicating Transmitter) by Greyline uses a non-contacting ultrasonic signal to sense water levels and has a range of 32’ or 10M.

  • Standard cable length is 25’.
  • Electronic controller is small, only 6.18” high by 4.21” wide and 3” deep.
  • Case is water and dust-tight, the display is large, and can be inches or centimeters.
  • Unit provides a relay to control the pump or valve used to adjust the water level.
  • A 4-20ma signal available for BMS connection if desired.
  • Simple two-button calibration and setpoint programming.
  • Runs on 110 VAC power.
  • A low-cost unit that is highly accurate.


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