ETS UV Water Treatment Systems

by Neptune Benson

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ETS-UV™ Disinfection generators

Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation is commonly used in pool water systems and is one of the most effective methods for inactivating harmful pathogens such as Listeria, E. coli, Giardia and chlorine tolerant pathogens like Cryptosporidium.

UV also destroys chlorine disinfection byproducts (chloramines).

All ETS systems for pools, spas, spray parks are medium pressure (emitting wavelengths in the range of 200nm to 400nm) which is most effective in destroying chloramines and deactivating pathogens, algae, molds, and viruses.

UV systems come as a complete package including the UV chamber, EZ strainer, and electrical control panel.

For a new or replacement system, we will work with you to qualify and size your project properly. Key factors that we consider are ultraviolet transmittance, dose requirements, pipe size, flow rate, and available power. For a new installation, power may need upgrading.


Key Wafer UV Generator Benefits

The new Wafer UV generator is about 1/3 of the size of comparative solutions making it easy to install and retrofit into tight mechanical rooms. This unique UV chamber offers the most compact & efficient UV solution available today.

  • Smaller footprint
  • Horizontal or Vertical installations.
  • Simpler & faster to maintain
  • Increased safety
  • Enhanced & more efficient power control
  • New Twistlok® quick release lamp system
  • 30% to 100% digital dose pacing built-in. Saves power using just enough to hit dose set point.


Things to note:

The use of Generic, or non-OEM lamps or other parts have the following adverse effects on ETS UV Systems:

  • ETS Warranty is voided
  • NSF 50 approval is voided
  • Third-party validation is voided
  • Electrical approvals are voided.


Pipe Sz.Model#Lamp,Power Req.Flow
3″WF-115-3-N1.5kw x 1220V 1 ph***211
4″WF-115-4-N1.5kw x 1208/220V 1ph361
6″WF-125-6-N2.5kw x 1208/220V 1ph616
6″WF-215-6-N1.5kw x 2208/220V 1ph810
8″WF-215-8-N1.5kw x 2208/220V 1ph1012
8″WF-225-8-N2.5kw x 2208/220V 1ph1386
10″WF-230-10-N3.0kw x 2480V 3ph*1980
12″WF-430-12-N3.0kw x 4480V 3ph**3080


ECP, ECF & SX UV Systems

ECP models-medium pressure, single lamp disinfection system.
ECF & SX models are medium pressure, multiple lamp disinfection system.
All systems efficiently deliver a variable and automatic dose for treatment of stable or fluctuating flows.

Pipe Sz.Model#Lamp,Power Req.Flow
21/2″ECP-110-4SP1.0kw x 1208/220V 1ph114
3″ECP-113-5SPV1.3kw x 2220V 1 ph***176
4″ECF-210-4V1.0kw x 2208/220V 1ph350
6″ECF-215-6V1.5kw x 2220V 1ph***580
6″ECF-215-6V1.5kw x 2480V 3ph*580
8″ECF-220-8V2.0kw x 2480V 3ph*930
10″ECF-225-10V2.5kw x 2480V 3ph*1230
12″ECF-230-12V3.0kw x 2480V 3ph*1680
12″ECF-430-12V3.0kw x 4480V 3ph**3350
16″SX-635-16V3.5kw x 6480V 3ph*7000


* Add on $1150.00 for 208V or 240V; add on $785.00 for 575V power.
** – Add on $1575.00 for 208V or 240V; add on 1150.00 for 575V
*** – Add on $358.50 for 208V

Note 1 – Standard cable length from UV chamber to control panel is 15’ Other lengths available, please specify with the order. The cost is $30.00/foot.

Note 2 – A quartz tube separates the lamp from the water. Glass is not used because UV will not pass through glass.

Note 3 – The Seal kit contains; Quartz sleeve seals for 4 seal changes, end cap seals, UV monitor seals, wiper blades, wiper shaft seals, wiper drive.


 List of ETS Replacement lamps, sleeves, and seal kits.

Model No
New Lamp #Legacy
Lamp #
PriceSleevePriceSeal KitPrice
ECF-215-6 220V1000-29181501222$POR2020115$PORECF-SK2$POR
ECF-215-6 480V1000-29171501220$POR2020115$PORECF-SK2$POR



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