D.E. Filter Element Cores

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D.E. Filter Element Cores.

Covers with gasket sold separately.


DE Filter Tips

  • Good pre-coats are essential to getting flow, clarity and keeping elements clean.
  • Normal dosage is 2 ounces of DE per square foot of filter area, or follow manufacturers precoat dosage instruction.
  • Object is to deposit at least 1/16” over all parts of filter elements.
  • Precoat flow rate should be no more than 1 US gallon per square foot of filter area.
  • Maximum filter flow rate should be no more than 2 USGPM per square foot, and preferably in the range of 1 to 1.5 USGPM per square foot.
  • Check filter elements for spots not covered by pre-coat. This normally indicates body oils of grease or mineral staining on the elements which should be cleaned off or it will affect flow and length of filter cycles.
  • Check regularly for warped or broken


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