Competitor Swim Gold Medal 6” Racing Lanes

Lane lines are highly customizable. Please contact our office to tell us your needs.
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Competitor Swim is a leader in racing lane technology, comprised of disks and donuts. Flow-through technology allows for turbulence control along the entire length of the lane eliminating dead spots and water bounce-back. Competitor uses a vinyl coated cable and take-up reel/ratchet system to tighten the lines.

Lines are shipped fully assembled and meet all FINA standards.

  • 6” disk diameter
  • Strong construction with circular openings to dampen and break up the waves
  • Disks are available in yellow, orange, red, burgundy, purple, light blue, navy blue, green, white & black
  • Come assembled with take-up reel tightening system

Item no            Description                              1-4               5+
200373              25M assembled lane lines       $1056.45      $990.45
200374             50M assembled lane lines        $1999.25      $1874.30

Plus Factory Freight


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