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BECSysBW model features:

  • Ideal for a total filter replacement retrofit or new pool build
  • Requires filters to be equipped with valves as well as pumps
  • Works with BECSys models 5 & 7
  • Suitable for pools, hot tubs, water parks & fountains
  • Data logging of backwash operation
  • Reduces operator error
  • Programmable for a wide variety of filtration systems, up to 16 filters
  • Multi-level traceable password protection
  • 5 year electronics warranty
  • Easy to use, on screen help intuitively guides the user through configuration options
  • Advanced Filtration Control
  • Monitor turbidity/end BW early, upon desired clarity
  • Waste line management; prevents BW tank overflow
  • BW duration and water volume displayed on the screen
  • Water reclamation options available
  • Flowmeter monitoring and display
  • VFD control algorithm
  • Monitor Total Dynamic Head (TDH) of circ pump
  • Heater integration, with fireman switch lockouts
  • Auto-fill


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