BECSys7 Equipment Room Controller

Item No.: BECSys7
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BECSys7 model Features:

  • Suitable for pools, hot tubs, fountains, water parks & fountains.
  • Total equipment room control and monitoring
  • Automate backwash of up to 16 filters
  • Waste line mgmt. Back wash status displayed on screen
  • Fully integrated water chemistry, filtration, and circulation system control
  • Multi-level traceable password protection
  • All controllers come with flow cell with accompanying connection parts kit & probes.
  • Can accept a direct free chlorine reading (such as from a SpinTouch Lab)
  • Powerful application features
    • Free chlorine sensor, CP-1 or membrane
      • Based on free chlorine input, ORP input or bracketed combination of the two
    • Advanced sensor & flow technology
    • Flowmeter monitoring & display
    • VFD control
    • TDH monitoring of circ. Pump
    • Heater integration, with fireman switch lockouts
    • UV control, based on combined chlorine levels
    • Ozone control, based on ORP, PPM or both
    • TDS/conductivity monitoring, based on desired clarity,
    • Drain control
    • Auto-fill
    • Monitor make up water usage
  • EZ connect
    • Simple & secure remote access technology
    • Multi-layered security
    • No monthly fee
    • Password protected
    • Alarm notifications by email and/or text message
    • Gbit ethernet
    • USB Flash drive data log download
    • BECSys for windows software included
    • BECSys Now! Mobile app included
  • Check out BECSys3 or BECSys5 to find the most suitable model for your application.


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