Auto Air Relief Valve Assembly


Item No.: 1000-5991
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This air relief valve releases entrapped air pockets which accumulate at the high point in the filter or piping systems. Initially, water in the filter or piping raises the valve float and positively seals the specifically designed small orifice. During operation, entrapped air rises to the high point of the valve displacing water and lowering the float. This opens the orifice allowing the air to escape. When the air is evacuated, the water again rises the float, resealing the orifice.  Comes with one ¾” sched 80 Threaded Tee, two ¾” sched 80 Ball Valves, and one ¾” sched 80 close nipple. Has a ¾”NPT fitting on the bottom.

Assembled height 12 ½”


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