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Combineing the thrill of a zip line with the fun of a rope swing and to top it all off you get to plunge into the pool!
Only 4 feet of depth is required, this is an easy addition to your pool. This will amp up the fun at your facility for patrons of all ages.

  • High Throughput –Launches riders into the water quickly to keep the line moving. The trolley is self-retracting for quick setup for the next rider.
  • Minimal Footprint – Requires little deck space with its sleek frame that hangs out over the water, and doesn’t interfere with regular programming
  • No Water Source – You can position anywhere you have a minimum of 4 feet of water depth.
  • Activates the deep end – The AquaZip’n attracts tweens and teens to the possibly under-utilized deep end of your pool
  • Easy to install – 3 piece system comes pre-fabricated for quick assembly and installation.
  • Made in the US – Designed, engineered and manufactured in North America to conform to all industry standards

Plus Factory Freight

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Check out some AquaZip’N videos Here and Here.



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