AquaClimb Climbing Wall

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Turn your pool into an adventure playground! Climbing walls are great for indoor or outdoor municipal pools, country clubs, and university pools to name a few. Climbing walls provide physical and mental benefits to engage patrons of all ages and skill levels. The versatile handholds can be rotated to offer new options to keep your wall interesting and your visitors guessing. AquaClimb pool climbing walls provide unique, safe fun.

Various panel styles and configurations are available to suit your facility and budget.

Krystal: Is the entry price point with flat clear polycarbonate panels

Ice: Using the same frame as Krystal, but the panels are textured or 3D to enhance aesthetics. These panels allow lifeguard visibility behind the wall but offer some privacy to the climber.

Kurve: Premium option with unique wave-like frame which is taller than the Krystal or Ice walls.

Sport: This all caters to the more daring participants with a challenging climb up to 27 feet. This innovative design includes a single panel with a sleek industrial frame.


Prices are Plus Factory Freight

Due to the many configurations please contact our office for information and a quote.


Check out some AquaClimb videos Here and Here.






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