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Pandemic recovery, price increases & supply delays

We look forward to seeing all the pools in Canada getting back to full capacity and operating smoothly.

Pricing and supply timelines for many of our 400+ products are at the mercy of unstable global conditions.

We constantly strive to have competitive, fair pricing in our catalogue. Many of our suppliers have indicated they have attempted to keep price increases to a minimum, and not give us a larger than normal increase in 2021, however, this is proving difficult. Therefore, we are seeing many significant price increases, and we are seeing multiple increases from the same vendors within a short span of time.

In addition, there are some lengthy delays on many products. If ever there was a time to have a little backup of wearing parts on your equipment, this is the time! Please procure what your budget allows for your facility.

As always, we publish our pricing online and in our mailed paper catalogue to help our customers gauge the costs of equipment required to maintain and operate their facilities. Our paper catalogue cannot be updated once printed, so we ask you to confirm current pricing online or directly with us at the time of order. We do our best to keep our online catalogue and online pricing current.

Please continue to request quotes from any of us in our sales department. We will always do our best to provide fair pricing to you, our valued customers.

We thank you for your continued support.



The sales team at Commercial Aquatic Supplies


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