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Maintenance During Pool Closures

Time to maintain, refresh, repair, and revitalize your facility!

Being closed to the public is an ideal time to do the minor & major projects on your list regarding your pool’s maintenance.

Things like:

  • Replacing your filter media
  • Switching over your sand filters from sand to AFM glass filter media
  • Clean out chemical feed lines.
  • Replacing your polyethylene tubing
  • Replace chemical storage to double containment
  • Clean your pump’s strainer
  • Replace hydrostatic valves while pools are drained
  • Check and replace main drain covers that are older than 5 years and flat to domed style
  • Skimmer flaps and baskets
  • Inlets and outlets replace all broken or missing parts
  • Perimeter or gutter drain replacement or repair
  • Diving stands complete inspection, re-finish as needed, or replace cracked or corroded equipment.
  • Diving board fulcrum full service, replace wearing parts
  • Stainless steel cleaning throughout your facility, rails, starting blocks, lockers, etc. (Ideal to do when moisture levels are low)
  • Ladder tread
  • Lighting repair or replacement & LED lighting upgrades
  • Controller upgrades
  • Gas Chlorine conversion to liquid chlorine
  • Liquid feed pump service or upgrade
  • Now is also a good time to plumb in bypass for UV while drained.


We are open to assist you with all your projects.


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