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Duraflex Diving Board Maintenance

Your Duraflex board and stand requires consistent inspection and periodic maintenance.

First off, the surface of the board should be examined to ensure that the non-slip coating is intact. If not, the board should be taken out of service until it is refinished. Use the dive board resurface kit #161224. Secondly, you should carefully check for cracks and corrosion. Lift the board up to expose the rubber strips along the ribs at the fulcrum point. If possible, peel back one strip to expose the rib itself. As the board ages, black cracks will run from the rib into the surrounding metal. If there are many cracks, then consider replacement as metal fatigue will eventually cause the board to fail.

The following parts are considered wearing parts that should be assessed and/or replaced every year.

  • 524 Roller Bearing
  • 518 Slide Bearing
  • C209 Nyliner
  • C202 Hinge Assembly
  • 517 Roller Block Assembly

You can either disassemble the roller block and hinge to replace wearing parts or you can purchase complete new assemblies for a full replacement.

Next, check that the main bolts holding the stand to the deck are tight, as well as the carriage bolts holding the board to the hinges. Look for excess corrosion and remedy. Any cracks or chips in the epoxy coat of the frame should be repaired, or at a minimum (for temporary fix) smearing with silicone lubricant. The underlying aluminum is very susceptible to corrosion.

Last, check the roller clamp lock nuts (SF533) and the anti-rattle bolt and nut are snug as well. Reminder: the roller clamp can be overtightened too much, which would cause the fulcrum to be stuck in position. Tighten just enough to allow movement of the fulcrum wheel with some force applied. Apply thin penetrating oil into the hinge assembly hole every two weeks to prolong lift of nyliners.

When it comes to the stainless-steel hand rails, any rust or “tea stains” can be cleaned with Spectra System 1 or 2 and sealed with Spectra Shield. Contact our office for more information on the stainless-steel cleaning system for this and any steel around your facility.

Recommended Maintenance & Inspection
Each day:
Hose off board with fresh water.
Scrub with detergent and hot water and a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and oils, rinse well with fresh water. Dilute muriatic acid maybe used to remove algae or stains, be sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards with fresh water.


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