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Section 1 Filters, Pumps, Parts and Accessories pages 1-23
In this section: Sand Filters & parts, dial valves, laterals, filter media, DE Filters & parts, pumps & parts, pump strainers, Variable Frequency Drives, strainers and parts.

Section 2 Mechanical Equipment pages 24-46
In this section: Valves, Hydronic air vent float control valve, make-up valve, surge chamber valve, site glass, Y strainer, flow meters, Vacuum & pressure gauges, thermometers, flow switch, chemical feed pumps & parts, chemical feed pump tubing, tanks for chemical storage, clamp mount agitators, chemistry controllers & parts, C02 feed system, heaters, Ultra Violet (UV) systems, Gas Chlorine Equipment & parts, Pulsar chlorinators.

Section 3 Test Kits and Chemicals pages 47-52
In this section: Water testing reagents and kits, Taylor test kits & reagents, Lamotte test kits & reagents, Test Strips, Test Tablets, Pool Chemicals; chlorine etc.

Section 4 Maintenance & cleaning equipment pages 53-63
In this section: Safety tread, barrier tape, stainless steel cleaning & sealing, A/B epoxy, lubricant, commercial poles & accessories, leaf skimmer/rake, small thermometer, brushes for cleaning algae & pool surfaces, vacuum hose & accessories, discharge hose, vacuum heads, manual pool vacuums, automatic/robotic pool vacuums & parts.

Section 5 Below deck fittings & white goods, pages 64-70
In this section: inlet parts, jets, skimmers & parts, main drain covers, hydrostatic relief valve, deck drains, underwater lights & parts, cup anchors & eye bolts, pool paint & primer.

Section 6 Deck equipment pages 71-100
In this section: starting blocks, lifeguard chairs, diving boards, diving board stands & parts, diving board resurface kit, commercial ladders & grab bars, ladder treads, ladder anchors & escutcheons, stanchion posts, bleachers, deck furniture, climbing wall, pool blankets/covers, Heatsavr, deck storage equipment, clocks, weight room scale, sauna heaters & parts & accessories, floor matting, tarzan rope, deck drainage equipment, grating.

Section 7 Water Features, Sprays, Slides pages 101-106
In this section: Pool Slides.

Section 8 Aquatic Access equipment pages 107-116
In this section: Accessibility lifts, access steps and ladders, tot dock/teaching platforms, infant/baby change tables & parts, aquatic wheelchairs.

Section 9 Safety Supplies pages 117-121
In this section: Rope, rope floats & hooks, sign buoys, life rings, rescue can & tube, non-conductive reach pole & hook, spineboards & accessories, pool signs pool rules etc.

Section 10 Competitive Equipment pages 122-130
In this section: racing lanes Competitor, racing lanes Antiwave, Lane line parts, lane line slider, false start system, lane line storage reels, back stroke flags, pace clocks, Colorado Timing systems, water polo nets and lane line course set up.

Section 11 Program Supplies pages 131-146
In this section: program supplies- fins, kickboards, pullbouys, swim bar, noodles, storage systems, lifejackets/pfds, lane indicator signs, whistles, diving bricks, toys & games, balls, rubber ducks, inner tube/water polo tubes, large foam toys & rafts, foam mats, basketball systems, aquatic fitness equipment, hand bar exercisers, jogger belts, aerobic step, neoprene gloves, aquatic instructor mats, aquatic exercise bike.



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Credit Policy
All cities, towns, municipalities, and governments may place orders without a prior credit. New accounts are required to complete and submit our credit application. We accept visa, mastercard and American Express.

Returned Goods
We can accept returns on items that are unused, new in package, sellable condition less shipping & handling costs. Some items have a 20% restocking charge. Custom or special order items are not returnable.
Please contact our office to discuss prior to returning any items.
Please include copy of your invoice and/or packing slip that the item was purchased on.
Returns must be within 30 days of original sale.
Custom and Special-order items are not returnable.

Freight to customer is added to the invoice unless otherwise specified.

Damaged Freight Claims
If any merchandise is lost or damaged in transit, the receiver must file a claim with the carrier and inform us of the issue. Claims must be filed within the time limit and according to the regulations allowed by the carrier.

Contact us our sales departement for quotations, including budget quotes for capital planning.

Consulting and Estimating Services
On-site estimating and consulting fees of $125.00 per hour apply when customers request on sitequotations and estimates. On receipt of the order this fee will be credited back to the customer.

Our standard shop labour rate is $95.00 per hour.
Service calls are $125.00 per hour including travel time.