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BECSys Chemistry Controllers

Beyond the traditional features

A variety of automation, monitoring, and alerts are available from your controller as you surpass the basic ORP (chlorine) and pH monitoring /control of a BECSys System 2, 3, or other entry-level controllers.

The BECS System 2 and 3 models are used in many pools across North America, which are reliable & low maintenance after input of initial calibration to pool conditions. Trustworthy stand-alone models with a good price point.


The BECSys System 5 & 7 Models are widely used in new pool building projects as a modern choice going forward. More automation and the ability to connect remotely are powerful tools to assist operators manage & monitor the bodies of water within a facility or many facilities. Additionally more robust controllers are suitable when operators are working to improve water quality in troublesome pools with various fluctuating conditions.

Get control of your pump room

Here are some features available in higher-level chemistry controllers:


Main Drain Modulating & Autofill

Directly control an electronically controllable main drain modulating valve, creating a reliable solution for the surge tank. This can be implemented without any components inside the surge tank, which eliminates confined space service issues.

Autofill; a powerful autofill programming option for maintaining the pool water level. A water level sensor is required along with a make-up water solenoid valve that creates a cost-effective feature managed by your controller. One key benefit to integrate autofill with water chemistry control is to help prevent chemical feed overshoots / undershoots that could occur with a separate autofill system. Combine this with a BECSys TDS sensor to manage and lower pool TDS automatically.


Total Alkalinity (TA) Monitoring and Control

If your TA and pH is well controlled the sanitizer is more effective. Additionally, keeping your TA under control minimizes the chemicals required to adjust the pH. The BECSys automated Alkalinity Meter performs a flowing water titration with a single reagent. The reagent and TA meter have been designed to provide accurate TA readings with +/-5ppm which is more specific than most test kits. This titration method for TA readings is unaffected by chlorine (or saline) levels in the water. The control is automatically switch’s between CO2 and acid for pH control if available, based on user-set points.

Flow Rate Sensor, VFD Control

Uses data from the main system 4/20mv capable flowmeter to monitor flow recirculation, recognize low flow situations, and totalize. A low system flow can disable chemical feeds, and integration with a VFD to control recirculation pump drive levels can save power during early parts of a filter run ramping up power as required to maintain flow settings. Automatically adjusts flow rate to user-settable levels during filter backwash.

EZ connect & Data Logging

In BECSys System 5 & 7 controllers, all inputs and system events are recorded in on-board data logs that are accessible with BECSys for windows software. Additionally, the BECSys Now! App provides access to your system’s status via Android or IOS devices.  See all your pools status on one screen at any time. These systems offer simple and secure remote access and alarm notification. Receive emails or text messages of any alarm events for up to 8 recipients.  Data logs stored for one year including input readings history and any system events which satisfy Health Dept regulations that are due to be implemented.

Additional choices can be made and added to your controller.

Free Chlorine Sensor can allow PPM control with ORP bracketing to achieve dual control

  • Total combined Chlorine sensor, total and combined chlorine readings
  • Filter influent and/or effluent pressure
  • TDH, ability to calculate Total Dynamic Head
  • Strainer Vacuum, dirty strainer warning through a vacuum sensor
  • Make up water flow sensor


We encourage pool operators to discuss ways to improve your pool’s filtration system by way of chemistry controller automation with a knowledgeable & experienced person.


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