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Nemato Horz To Defender FP

There are currently many Nemato (National Line) horizontal sand filters in aquatic facilities throughout Canada. Many are coming to the end of their usable life or require replacement parts for repair. Since Nemato is no longer in business, getting parts is tricky, and tank repairs almost impossible.

For those filters that will start failing over the next few years, the Defender FP is an excellent replacement for all Nemato 34” models, and even the smaller 42’s. You can improve your water quality dramatically when choosing a defender regenerative filters over another similarly rated and sized sand filter.

Nemato 34’s were mainly only chosen as a solution that would fit through standard 36” doorways without needing to remove or modify walls or door openings. The tradeoff was the sand depth over the laterals was as low, which is not ideal for quality filtration. The sand depth is approximately 12” compared to 18” in a TR-140. This shallow sand bed resulted in poor filtration of 20+ micron particles and nearly nothing below without supplemental flocculant addition. The results of this poor filtration are often seen as milky water especially during spikes in bather loads.

In contrast the Defender FP filter uses new filtration technology and has a  much smaller footprint than any equivalent sized sand filter. Costs are about 20% more when comparing to a modern horizontal sand filter.

Key Benefits:

  • These units are rated down to 1 micron filtration which is many times better than sand can ever accomplish.
  • Water is clearer and cleaner
  • Push button backwash automates the cycle reducing staff training requirements as well as ensuring the process runs just as planned.
  • Removal of media is easy. As the Perlite becomes loaded with dirt and oil, just flush down the drain without worrying about clogs.
  • Replacement of media is also very easy. Vacuum in new media directly from an opened bag.
  • 90% water savings, 75% space savings, 50% energy savings, 30% chemical savings
  • Comparable replacement cost, considering ease of use, automation, and water quality improvement.

Target Group

    • All Nemato 34” Horizontal filters
    • Some Nemato 42” up to 42-250 filter
      7.5sq ft filter area to 25sq ft filter area (assuming 12gpm/ sq ft)
    • Any facility looking to improve their water quality in a filter retrofit
    • Any facility with space or storage issues in their pump/filter room


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